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17 January 2008 @ 12:39 am
So this post is mostly for Katie. I just figured you would want to know what our first assignment in animation was this semester....

Yep, that's right. We got to inbetween Stitch! He was much more fun to work with than Baby Herman ::throws up a little in his mouth:: Except Stitch was kinda hard because he never sat still. But now I know how to draw him, so I've been doing little Stitch doodles all over my notes.

Oh, and in case you wanted to see, here's how my inbetween scene turned out:

Stitch AVI file (it's probably best to just right click and "save as" to watch the clip)

The clip is pretty short. We were only required to draw four inbetweens, so including the keys that makes 9 frames. They were shot on twos, so it comes to about 18 frames, which is a little less than a second of animation. Regardless, I'm happy with the way it turned out. Hope you enjoy it too!
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16 December 2007 @ 03:43 pm

So the first semester at DigiPen is finally over. They weren't kidding when they warned us how much work there'd be. Even now, sitting here at my mom's house in Birmingham waiting for my bag to be delivered (it didn't make the connection in Denver - go figure), I feel like there's something I should be doing right now. I have this sort of ghost-sensation of unfinished homework looming over my head when I know perfectly well that I have nothing to do for the next three weeks. It's something I'll finally get used to just in time for me to head back to school and start working my ass off again. Oh well.

My first semester went pretty well. I dealt with the workload a lot better than I thought I would. I got everything finished and turned in - it's a school policy that you if you don't turn in every assignment for a class, you fail that class. I'm also hoping to put up my notes from school on the site I made for just that purpose.

Aside from allowing myself to relax, I'm looking forward to a few things this break:

• seeing friends
• going to see Juno and The Golden Compass
• Christmas/birthday
• working on prints for the upcoming SakuraCon in Seattle
• New Years Eve in the Hamptons
• Taking my cat back to Seattle with me

But for now I've got some catching up to do. I starting watching Gankutsuou well over a year ago and NEVER FINISHED. I am determined that this break will be the time I get through the series. Oh yes, now will be the time.

Hope you guys all enjoy your holiday. Oh, and for those of you in MI (which is probably 3 out of the 4 people that still read these entries), HANG OUT WITH ME!
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07 November 2007 @ 12:05 am
That's right folks. Don't call it a comeback, but watching some more HP has made me return to the ever-geeky posts I made oh so many months ago. Result? More brainstorming.

And, as always, if you missed the first two posts I made about this topic you can check them out heeeeere:

USA Magic School, Part I
USA Magic School, Part II

And here, folks, is the third installment:

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good...Collapse )
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19 October 2007 @ 01:09 am
I decided to take a brief break from doing my sketchbook assignment when I realized that I haven't written in this thing since I moved in here some two and a half months ago. Wow. I win. Maybe it's time for a little update, no? So this is to all the people I haven't had the time to talk to (which I really, really am very sorry about) and who might still be interested in what I've been up to since I moved to Seattle. So here goes...

Watch out, this entry is a dooooozy... (cut due to its ridiculous length)Collapse )

And that's my story. I will have more to tell later (when I get another quick break from my piles of homework), but until then check this out:

The Digilogue

This is site I whipped up quickly to archive everything I'm doing at DigiPen. I did this mostly for myself, to have an organized place to keep all my notes and assignments, but it's also for other people to take a look at what I'm doing - that is, if anyone is even interested.

So if you are interested, check that out from time to time to see the work I've been doing. Hope you all are doing well, and I hope we get a chance to catch up soon!
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09 August 2007 @ 11:28 pm
So here I am. West Seattle. Sitting on my new couch in my new apartment.

Last week my sister and I loaded up my stuff in Birmingham and hit the road for Seattle. All things considered, the trip went rather smoothly. We made good time and arrived a day earlier than we thought we would. However, three days in a car is still, in my opinion, two days too many. I'd rather not drive a U-Haul for a while.

Anyway, once we got here we unloaded some small stuff from the truck. We held off on the big stuff until the following day when our mother arrived. Also, as a bonus, a couple of my sister's friends drove out from Montana to help unpack. With their help we were able to get everything out of the truck in only an hour or two.

I feel so exhausted. Granted, we've been doing a lot of walking around and unpacking and putting together furniture, but I just feel like I have so much less energy than I normally do. I guess I'm still just getting acclimatized to the new environment. Though I'm doing a lot better at dealing with change, there are still certain ways in which my body shows stress. I'm hoping that once September rolls around and classes start I'll be fully adjusted. Plus, classes will help me actually meet people around here. I have a feeling I'm gonna be pretty lonely this month, even with my sister around.

I'm still excited, and still pretty nervous. I'm hopeful, and I think I'm doing a much better job in keeping my head up this time around. When I moved to Boston I spent the first 4 months being seriously depressed, though this move feels different already.

I took a bunch of pictures of the new apartment and I'll be putting them up on flickr as soon as I get my desktop wireless card in the mail (seems there was no cable jack in my bedroom so the cable guy had to set up the router in the living room). On a side note, my sister and I both noticed that the cable guy looked a lot like Kid Rock. Bits of Detroit are stalking me. Heh.

Anyway, I know this was sort of a blah post. I'll have more concrete info on my West coast life in the near future. Hope things are going well on the other side of the country (or wherever you may be reading this from).

And to those about to rock, we salute you.
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02 July 2007 @ 10:36 pm
Well, as it grows nearer to August, more and more needs to be done in preparation for my move to Seattle. I finally finished all my loan applications, though some minor details need to be ironed out with DigiPen's financial office. I signed up for classes, but now I need to send in an application to transfer course credit from Emerson.

Aaaand... I needed to find an apartment. So, last week I hopped on a plane and flew out to NYC. I know, I know. NYC isn't Seattle, but I figured that, if I'm gonna take time off of work, I might as well combine it with a trip to Brooklyn to visit my friends before I move across the country. So after spending a few days in the Big Apple, I left for Seattle - by the way, I make this sound like it was simple, but I ended up being delayed and sitting on the runway at Laguardia for 4 hours. It sucked. ANYway, enough bitching...

I finally got to Seattle and met my sister at the hotel. It was late, so I turned in almost immediately. Today we got up and ate breakfast, then hit the road to start the apartment search. My sister had some contacts for apartment viewings, but only one of them, a woman named Jennifer, could meet with us today to look at anything. After some experimentation and confusion with the bus system, we managed to hook up with Jennifer and check out the unit she was showing. It wasn't bad, per se, but it wasn't great either. The location seemed sort of suburban/backwoodsy, and my sister and I both agreed that the apartment complex itself was kind of ghetto-fabulous. After we viewed the Jennifer's apartment, we talked a bit about the other places we wanted to look at. She was able to help us narrow things down a bit, and we decided to check out a lead in West Seattle.

This bus trip was a little bit smoother. We had some good directions from Jennifer's friend and managed to get to West Seattle with little to no trouble. We were able to tell relatively soon after arriving in the neighborhood that this was an area we wanted to live in. For my Boston peeps, the area is a lot like Allston, though a bit cleaner. There are several different types of food in the area, from pizza to Indian to Korean, plus a slew of cool little shops. Once we got there we decided to take a stroll down the main road to see if we could find more apartments for lease. About 2 minutes down the road we found a unit called San Juan Apartments. My sister called the number on the sign and got in touch with the leaser, Liz. She shows up about 15 minutes after talking to us and shows us the unit she has available.

It.. is... awesome! Hardwood floors, spacious, great bathroom, lots of sunlight, AND it's in a great neighborhood. And on top of everything, Liz was awesome. We really hit it off with her, and if we decide to go with this place (which I'm 99% sure we will) it will be a pleasure to have her around and do business with her. I'd say there are only a couple of downsides to this place: 1) it's on the 4th floor, so moving will be slightly more difficult. This also means that, because heat rises, it's going to be a bit warmer in the summer. Aaaand 2) It doesn't have a dish washer, but my sister is going to talk to her current roommate about buying her roll-away dish washer.

Anyway, that's it for now. I've gotta jet, since my sister and I are going to head to a bar up the street from our hotel to celebrate our successful day!

Over and out.
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23 April 2007 @ 12:52 pm
Wow. A lot has happened recently. It's hard to decide where to start, but I guess I'll just go in chronological order and see how that works out.

For those of you who either haven't seen me recently or haven't seen the pictures on facebook, I got a tattoo! It's been almost two weeks since getting it. I had wanted to get a tattoo for a long time, but it wasn't until the past few months where I'd really nailed down the design I wanted. I based it off the design of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card (more specifically, the Rider Tarot Deck version), but I substituted the majority of the figures and symbols for those that had personal meaning to me.

If you want to see what it looks like, and read the explanation of the different symbols, click on the cut. I would understand, though, if you have no interest in reading my long explanation about what everything on my tattoo means.

So, uhh.. what's the 'symbology' here??Collapse )

Other than the tattoo, I also rented an artist's table this past weekend at Anime St. Louis. I had a great time, though there were a couple things that I felt could have been better. First, it wasn't very well organized. Robin and Shauna (who also got tables with me) went to the hotel the night before the con to check it out and reserve our tables in the artists alley. They got a couple right outside the dealers room and checked with and employee to reserve them. The next day when we went there to set up, someone else had already taken our tables. When we asked what happened, we realized that they actually had no system of assigning/reserving tables, so claiming them the previous night was a waste of time. The artists alley ended up being disjointed and broken into a couple of different areas, and we ended up being right outside a couple of screening rooms. This ended up being kind of good for business since, whenever a screening/panel would start or end, our hallway would be flooded with people. The other thing I wished was better was the dealers room. This one was pretty sad; I actually couldn't find anything I wanted to buy, and there were only about 2 or 3 vendors selling anime related merchandise. And no art books. You can't see it right now, but I'm making a sad face.

All in all, though, things were good. I had a good time, and I did a good amount of business. My total sales for the weekend ended up being around $300, which is pretty sweet. Also, I always enjoy the experience I have at these cons, sitting there drawing all weekend and meeting interesting (and sometimes very strange) people that you would otherwise never have come in contact with. So, two thumbs up.

Finally, I heard back from DigiPen over the weekend and I FREAKIN GOT IN!!! I'm so excited! I've been wanting to go to this school for years. I think this is really going to help fast-track my career in the video game industry, and that makes me rather excited. This week I need to work on filling out the FAFSA, applying for grants, and looking into other options for financial aid. My sister and I are probably going to move out to Seattle in August and get settled in, and soon after (early September) I'll start classes! SO geeked.

Okay, one last thing. The new international trailer for HP Order of the Phoenix is out, so go check it. It is pants-wettingly good. Why can't it be July already??

Alright, till next time.
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10 April 2007 @ 12:21 pm
So Anime St. Louis is drawing near, and I need to start pulling my stuff together. This entry is more for myself than anything else; I just need somewhere to jot down everything else I need to do to be ready for this convention. I'm getting excited! It ought to be a great time, and hopefully I'll make some cash on top of having a blast. So, on with business:


-Finish prints
-Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Melefs (color)
-Kingdom Hearts
-The Count Brings Pogs to Boardgame night
-HP Munch prints (print and cut)
-Goddess print (adjust colors for printing)

-Check stock
-tools (pencils, pens, erasers, etc.)
-leftover print quantities
-printer ink

-Buy business card holder

-Buy 1/2" binder to display prints

-Set up display portfolio

-Create spreadsheet for commissions


-Hope that, this time, the HP munchcards will get here in time for the convention!

Well, I think that pretty much sums it up. Most of these things I can accomplish in a day, so it shouldn't be too bad. Oh, and Shauna: if you're reading this, are you planning on bringing a scanner to the convention? I brought mine with me when Robin and I did Youmacon and it worked out really well. If you're bringing yours, I won't have to pack one. Otherwise, let me know and I'll pack it up with my other equipment.

Less than two weeks now, and heeeeeeere we go!

You Are a Pegasus

You are a perfectionist, with an eye for beauty.
You know how to live a good life - and you rarely deviate from your good taste.
While you aren't outgoing, you have excellent social skills.
People both admire you - and feel very comfortable around you.

You are
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07 March 2007 @ 07:49 pm
I wish I could say I had something more important to be doing right now.

You Are Strawberry Ice Cream

A bit shy and sensitive, you are sweet to the core.
You often find yourself on the outside looking in.
Insightful and pensive, you really understand how the world works.

You are most compatible with chocolate chip ice cream.

You Are 1: The Reformer

You're a responsible person - with a clear sense of right and wrong.

High standards are important to you, and you do everything to meet them.

You are your own worst critic, feeling ashamed if you're not perfect.

You have the highest integrity, and people expect you to be fair.

On Average, You Would Sell Out For

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11 February 2007 @ 10:38 pm
With much relief, last week has finally passed.

After graduating from college I decided that I would take a year off and then pursue two different options: a) apply for a Fulbright grant to go to Taiwan for a year, and b) in the event that option "a" didn't work out, I would apply for the associates degree program at DigiPen. Well, at the beginning of last week, I finally heard back from the U.S. government about the Fulbright grant. I didn't get it. I was half expecting this answer, since the Fulbright is pretty prestigious, and the odds were not good (6300 applied, only 1300 spots are available). At any rate, my option "a" had failed, so I moved on to option "b".

I went to DigiPen's website to get the latest version of their admission form, and on the admissions site I noticed that the program I was interested in (the AAA in 3D Computer Animation) had a couple of stars next to it. So I took a look down at the bottom of the page to see why it was starred, and read this:

**Please note that DigiPen is no longer accepting new students into the AAA program for the Fall of 2007.

Say WHAT? This is when I started to freak out. My option "a" had already failed, and now my option "b" was in the pre-stages of crash and burn. There had to be a mistake, right? The program couldn't have already filled. I was told it was rolling admissions process, and so I hadn't felt pressured to apply to early. Besides, I couldn't have applied before because I was still waiting to hear back about the Fulbright grant. This couldn't be right. So I e-mailed the dean of the art and animation division of DigiPen, the man in charge of the AAA program, and asked him if there was some mistake and what my options might be.

He replied the next day. Bad news - the program wasn't full, it had been discontinued. There's no way I could ask them to make an acception about that. The program simply didn't exist anymore. The good news - he told me that, although the AAA program was no more, they also offer a BFA program in Production Animation. I read the overview and took a look at the courses and it actually looks really good. I actually think it will be better for me than the AAA program. The only down side is that the BFA program is 4 years long instead of 2, which not only means a longer commitment but also a more expensive one (roughly double the cost). Ouch. But still, I really think it will be worth it. And who cares if it takes 4 years as opposed to 2?

So now I'm in the process of applying to the BFA program. Hopefully no more bad news will come my way, and I'll be accepted into this program. Then I just have to worry about affording school... Oh yeah, and the move to Seattle. *shudder* I hate moving...

At any rate, this whole emotional rollercoaster took place last week. Needless to say, I find myself fully embracing the end of last week and hoping this upcoming week goes a bit smoother.
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